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I’ve always had a love for music and animals. In the mid-90s I had the idea of combining my two passions into a music CD. At the time, I was owner/entertainer of a nightclub on Hilton Head Island called Cheryl's LeCabaret Piano Bar. The musical pet project got started, but as life unfolded, the project kept getting set aside.

All of that changed in June of 2007. For the first time in many years, my schedule was freed up to where I could spend most of the summer working on the music for the pet project. A new company was formed...Mood Music Media Company! 

My company partners are Mark and Lise Husbands, and Jeff Borthick. Mark is a multi-talented drummer with 'The Headliners' Band based in Hilton Head, SC and owner of Husbands Productions Recording Studio. I recorded my compositions at their studio while Mark mixed and produced the final product. Lise has fine-tuned the graphics on the CD’s and has become the printer, bookkeeper, secretary etc. Jeff wrote the titles (from his 'animal mindset') and helped with the websites. I continue to compose, market, and research music therapy for animals. Collectively, we have done so much more – too much to list. The CD’s are finished now, and I couldn’t be happier! I feel great about the finished products... here's some information about them:

"Your pets will LOVE these! Whether you're a cat lover or a dog fan, you will find Mood Music for Cats (And Cat Lovers), and Mood Music for Dogs (And Dog Lovers) – a perfect match to help your pet relax while you're away from home, or relieve stress due to traveling, bad weather, trauma from injury, weaning pups, etc.

These CD’s make perfect gifts for the pet owner who has everything! The titles are cute and humorous, the instrumental music is beautiful and emotionally settling, composed and played by Cheryl Christine on grand piano, intertwined with a touch of strings, flute and harp. Partial proceeds go to two charities that are true in their work, and close to Cheryls heart, (ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Alzheimer's Research Foundation – Fisher Center.

The music helps both pets and people! Now, that’s a winner! Click on the Mood Music For Pets button on the menu bar on the left for more information or to order. *NOTE* The compositions are completely different on each Pet CD except for the last song, "Under The Bed," a flute piece."
Mood Music for Dogs (And Dog Lovers) “Gone For A Walk” Your Dog’s First CD Mood Music for Cats (And Cat Lovers) “A Ball Of Twine” Your Cat’s First CD Mood Music for Cats (And Cat Lovers) “Forever A Kitten” Your Cat’s Second CD NEW*

Mood Music CDs can also be purchased online at Amazon, cdBaby, Facebook, Cat Faeries. Cheryl also sells them wherever she's performing, and also local animal fundraising events to help support animals in need. Partial proceeds from sales of CD’s go to animal leagues and shelters.

Five things you might not know about Cheryl

1. She's a country girl at heart – loves spending time outside in jeans, t-shirt and a baseball cap!
2. She is a Videographer and Piano teacher
3. She has traveled and entertained extensively Internationally
4. She used to compete in car racing
5. She once thought about being an oceanographer - loves scuba diving


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