Cheryl Christine - An Affair To Remember Cheryl Christine - An Affair To Remember

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CD Songlist:

1. Ice Cream Night

2. It's My Couch Now

3. Gone For A Walk

4. Bathtime Blues

5. Buryin' Bones

6. Sneakin' Catfood

7. Under The Bed

Mood Music For Dogs (And Dog Lovers)
Gone For A Walk... Your Dog's First CD

Comments inside CD cover by Cheryl, 2007

Congratulations! You have made an important step in the emotional well-being of your pet. Music therapy works on humans, and it helps animals as well! Play the CD at a low volume and repeat as necessary throughout the day.

Your purchase has helped the following two charities, totaling 4% of the purchase of this CD. Not only do you help yourself and your beloved pet, but also many more lives through research, treatment, education, animal rescue and much more... now that's the dog's bark!

ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals
America's first animal welfare organization, bringing people and communities together to prevent cruelty to animals and guarantee homes for all adoptable pets. Whether it's mending a broken leg or providing a comfortable bed, every dollar makes a vital difference in the life of a homeless or abused pet. Thank you!

Alzheimer's Research Foundation, Fisher Center
A national organization dedicated primarily to research related to the cause, care and cure of Alzheimer's Disease. (Animals also play a vital role in the lives of many Alzheimer's patients through pet therapy.)

Recorded at Husbands Production Studio
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928
Music composed and played by Cheryl Christine, Hilton Head Island, SC (Accompanied by Missy & Duke).
Proud parent of Missy May (cover photo) are Ken and Laura oberheu of Beaufort, SC.
* With this purchase, a donation is made to ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Alzheimer's Research Foundation - Fisher Center.


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