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CD Songlist:

1. Them There Eyes, Billie Holiday 2:50

2. Fields of Gold, Eva Cassidy 3:39

3. God Bless the Broken Road, Rascal Flatts 4:25

4. What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong 4:21

5. It Had to Be You, Frank Sinatra 4:50

6. MoonDance, Van Morrison 5:10

7. Come Away with Me, Norah Jones 4:54

8. Angel, Sarah McLachlan 6:38

9. Fly Me to the Moon/ L-O-V-E, Frank Sinatra 5:00

10.Sunshine and Summertime, Faith Hill 3:44

11. The Wind Beneath my Wings, Bette Midler 5:18

12. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Carole King 6:46

13. Our Love is Here to Stay, Ella Fitzgerald 4:03

14. I Hope You Dance, Lee Ann Womak 4:07

15. When You Say Nothing at All, Alison Krauss 4:27

16. Get Here, Oleta Adams 4:20

I Hope You Dance

Comments inside CD cover by Cheryl

"I named this album "I Hope You Dance"... As an entertainer, I'm always happy to see people dance, whether it's a swingin' jitterbug, smooth shag, greaceful ballroom, or good old slow dancing, swaying to the music! In the broader sense, like the song says, I hope you're living life to the fullest, taking nothing for granted. The years go by, and as quickly as time seems to pass, it's still given to us just one blessed day at a time.

I realize that I am one of those 'lucky ones' who's had some help along the way... when I haven't felt like dancing in my life, or just plain haven't been able, I've been blessed with help from powers greater than myself to get back on the dance floor, count it off, and start twirling around again!

Many people in my life inspire me. Those who have hardships but don't give up, even though they might like to sometimes... people who still find joy in their lives even though their burdens are many.

The great golfer Ben Hogan once said something to the tune of, "As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round."

" –Cheryl–

Recorded at Husbands Production Studio
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered: Engineer, Mark Husbands
Assistant Engineer: Lise Husbands
Musicians: Mark Husbands - Gretsch drums and percussion, Steve Rich - Clarinet, Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxaphone, Cheryl - Yamaiia CSAA Grand Piano (rented from Jeff Herrin), Flute, Vocals and Synthesizer
Photography: John Brackett Photography, Hilton Head Island, SC
Photo Shoot Location: Main Street Inn, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
Hair by: Mark Ross/Mark Ross Hair Salon, Hilton Head Island
Thank You: My sincere gratitude to Mark and Lise in the making of this CD. You not only made me feel completely welcome in your home, but made my music project as important as if it was your very own. You went far and beyond what you had to do to give it every added ingredient! I love you! Plus, Minou and Spook, your cats, were always so cute and entertaining! And of course my deepest thanks and gratitude to Mark and Steve, for sharing your gift of remarkable musical talent to this CD.


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