Cheryl Christine - An Affair To Remember Cheryl Christine - An Affair To Remember

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CD Songlist:

1. An Affair to Remember

2. The Nearness of You

3. Come in From the Rain

4. How do you Keep the Music Playing?

5. Send in the Clowns

6. What'll I Do?

7. Goodbye

8. Cry Me a River

9. Lessons to be Learned

10. I Will Remember You

An Affair to Remember

Comments inside CD cover by Cheryl, June 2002

I sing a lot of songs, and a lot of my favorites are ballads... from the one that tenderly tugs at your heartstrings, to the gut wrenching heart -7 er.

I think the word 'love' is used too loosely. Without emotional honesty, humility, and self-respect, 'love' is more the trap and less the treasure. There is nothing more certain than change, but faith and love endure.

There are so many people I would like to thank... certainly all my friends from the 'Casablanca' and 'LeCabaret' days... you have given me more wonderful memories than I could ever list.

Several friends passed away last year... 'Pocono' Bob, Lucy, Lonnie, Paul... you are missed! Special thanks to Grandpa Tom, Wolfy and Toni... three of my closest heart-friends.

'The Nearness of You' is dedicated to Jeff, who melts my heart and brings out 'the woman in me'... You are my lover and my best friend, and I shall always love your sense of humor.

Recorded at Rocky Mountain Studio
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Engineer: Jeff Franklin
Vocal, Piano, Synthesizer: Cheryl
Photography: Bill Littell June 2002


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